If you are looking for an impactful habit to implement, this is it.

In 2016, the persistent echo of a simple phrase began to weave its way into my consciousness: "Have you considered trying meditation?" The idea intrigued me, and in 2017, I finally took the plunge by attending my first meditation class in the serene backdrop of Bali. Guided by the renowned spiritual teacher, Wakuha Blueflame, this experience marked the beginning of a profound journey. Yet, it wasn't until the year 2018 that I wholeheartedly embraced meditation as a daily ritual.

I embarked on an exploratory meditation journey within the confines of my home, seeking the perfect nook where tranquility and focus intertwined. It was within the sanctuary of my closet's corner that I discovered my cherished meditation spot, a personal oasis of serenity.

🏅Out of all my endeavors, the one I've held onto with unwavering dedication is meditation—an accomplishment that fills me with immense pride 💪🏼👏🏻. For an uninterrupted span of 375 days, I delved into the art of meditation. What began with a mere minute gradually evolved into 5, 10, 15, and eventually 20-minute sessions, sometimes even twice a day.

🧘🏻‍♀️Meditation, a practice that beckons us to journey inward, bestowed upon me a profound sense of tranquility. Through this daily practice, I not only checked in with my physical and emotional well-being but also fostered a deeper connection with my intuition. A poignant outcome was the alleviation of the anxiety that had once gripped me.

Sometime before the arrival of my son, physical discomfort prompted a hiatus in my meditation journey. Yet, as a year elapsed, I recommenced this transformative ritual over the past two weeks. Once again, the soothing embrace of meditation has become an integral part of my day, infusing each moment with purpose.

Have you embarked on the path of meditation? Imagine the transformation that could unfurl in your life if you embraced this practice daily.

Join me on a profound journey through my online meditation group. Together, we will embark on a journey that marries simplicity with profound impact. Let us unite our intentions and explore the boundless possibilities that meditation can unfold. A friendly new practice for all levels of experience, all welcome.