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    I propel women to their leadership greatness, in the wine, spirits and glass industry.

    My mission is to help you discover your leadership genius, by shining the light of awareness on your existing mindset, the habits that are keeping you stuck, and discovering and implementing new behaviors and tools to create sustainable and lasting change.


    Unlock transformative growth with a special first time offer: a 60-minute coaching session for just $50. Experience what coaching can do to elevate your life.

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    I am an ICF certified coach, ACC and CPCC, chemical engineer, wife, mother, dog lover - and I am passionate about people. I am a bilingual Leadership & Empowerment Coach. I was born in Venezuela.


    For over 15 years I worked as a Manager in wine, spirits and glass manufacturing. Throughout my career, I managed a diverse and large team in the fast paced and ever-changing world of production. Many times in my career, I was one of just a few female leaders among predominantly male-dominated teams. It was challenging and exhilarating.


    As I took on new leadership challenges, my team of direct reports got bigger. I managed more than 40 people at one point! I thrived on mobilizing my teams and helping them to achieve extraordinary results. But the greatest thrills came from helping my individual team members to overcome their own challenges and find their own greatness, professionally of course, but also personally. There is no professional achievement without a strong personal foundation.


    I enjoyed my production management career, but I always found myself wanting more. I wanted to create an even more meaningful and personal impact and I was craving working with people in an even closer way. Yes, my job gave me glimpses of this opportunity with my direct reports, but there was only so much that I could do within the confines of my management duties. And so I made the decision to make an impact in the best way that I knew how. I decided to dedicate myself to helping people become their best selves and become a Certified Professional Coach. I love working with my clients on their personal development and leadership.


    In 2022, after 11 years of working for a wonderful fortune 500 company, with great work culture and benefits, I finally took the leap, and I quit my job as a Production Manager, to fully dive into coaching. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation, and I am loving every minute.


    Let's chat to see how working together can help you soar to new heights in your leadership & personal development.


    I serve clients worldwide via Google Meet, in English or in Spanish. I’m located in Sonoma County, in California.


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    Use your Listening & Communication skills with greater impact

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    Increase your emotional intelligence

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    Gain greater awareness of the habits that are keeping you stuck, so you can start breaking them

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    Expand your leadership presence

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    Deepen and positively impact relationships

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    Become an inspirational leader and ally

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    Get clear in your leadership purpose and vision


    Executive & Corporate Coaching, Workshops in Spanish & English, Facilitation

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    I can create customized bilingual trainings and facilitate them to your teams, to help and support your organization's growth.


    Available on site in Sonoma, Napa County and other nearby counties.

  • Credentials

    Trainings, Degrees & Qualifications

    Neuroscience of Coaching

    Coaching.com, January 2024


    Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

    International Coaching Federation, May 2023


    Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

    The Co-Active Training Institute, March 2023


    Co-Active Coach Certification Program

    The Co-Active Training Institute, August 2022

    Positive Intelligence Training

    Positive Intelligence, March 2021

    Cultivating Resilience: Change, Connection and Skillful Action

    Strozzi Institute 2021

    Co-Active Training Institute Coach Training Program

    November 2020

    Somatics, Trauma and Resilience.

    Strozzi Institute, October 2020

    Embodied Leadership Core

    Strozzi Institute, June 2020

    B.S. In Chemical Engineering

    The Ohio State University, 2005

  • What my clients are saying

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    "Working with Mayra Hernandez has been a fascinating process, and I can't recommend her highly enough. Anyone can benefit from a shift in perspective, to get yourself outside your routine mode thought. Mayra has an exceptional gift as a guide to help you step out of your internal routine and mental processes to take a fresh look at your life and habits, offering powerful and useful insights along the way. I was thoroughly impressed, as someone considers themselves introspective, that she was able to help turn over rocks that it hadn't even occurred to me to look under. Our sessions also served as bookmarks for my life, highlighting and flagging progress, which would otherwise have gone unnoticed in the day to day flow of work. It's like having a journal, except that your journal can respond and offer you excellent advice! Regardless of your background, or where you are on your journey, I'm certain Mayra's coaching would be an invaluable asset to you in your personal and professional development."

    Addison Rex

    CEO at Wine Spies

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    "I love working with Mayra. My growing capacity to understand and forgive my old patterns allows me to lean into my dreams and desires with curiosity, discernment, and bravery. I find myself trusting myself with rich depth these days. I feel a sense of ease, patience, warmth, and excitement as I ask myself questions that I now find the space in myself to ask. Working with Mayra is like a breath of fresh air. She is kind, understanding, compassionate, playful, and true. I enjoy the balance of feeling into my body and investigating with my mind in our sessions. It's been a joy to refer her to friends. We are healthier and stronger because of Mayra's lasting insight."


    Co-owner & General Manager

    Goldmine Adaptogens

    "Working with Mayra has been my first coaching experience—and it truly is working with Mayra. Her collaborative spirit, agile adaptability, sharp intuition, and attentive presence make me feel understood. She seemingly never misses a beat! Mayra's coaching services are a wonderful, helpful complement to my separate work with a therapist, as well as my other self-development practices. I leave each session with a new perspective to consider and/or an actionable step to implement, plus a sense of relief that I'm not holding so many aspects of life alone. I was unaware that I needed Mayra on my team until I started working with her!"


    Executive Assistant

    "Having Mayra as my coach is like receiving a big warm hug of loving insight, every week. Her compassionate presence, playful spirit, thoughtful questions, and deep diving processes have allowed me to gain greater perspective on my issues and create more love for myself. Thank you Mayra for your support and for being an amazing coach!"

    Astra F.

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